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Exclusive Look: A R I Z O N A "Moving On" Music Video Shoot | Reelbros TV

Exclusive Look: A R I Z O N A "Moving On" Music Video Shoot | Reelbros TV

Watch the Music Video: Take an exclusive look behind one of Arizona's most ambitious music videos ever created, featuring a 300ft wide Sand Art installation by Jim and Brighton Denevan. We discuss the months of planning behind this project, countless locations scouts, as well as how Reelbros in house capabilities made it a reality from start to finish. #MovingOn #Reelbros #music #musicvideo Credits Director: Owen Brown Director of Photography: Jacen Sievers Lead Land Artists: Jim Denevan, Brighton Denevan Production Companies: CTRL5 + ReelBros Producers: Colby Sassano, John Hebrank, Owen Brown Associate Producer: Joshua Chomik 1st AD: Colby Sassano 1st AC: Eric Danescu 2nd AC: Tyler Chandler Camera Movement Co: Reelmotion Movement Operator: John Hebrank Jib Operator: Chance Martin Camera Operator: Alex Schreer Lighting Design Co: LIT Lighting Lighting Producer: Chris LIT Lighting Designer: James Simpson Lighting Grip: Chris Kirma Lighting Assistant: Arthur Hatton PA: Christopher Rondolos Navajo Nation Team: Edsel Pete, Raquel Bahe, Kaene E. Antonio Land Art Team: Jon Hammond, Andrew Arneson, Jared Red, Nathan Yoch, David Blum, Cordell John, Marlena Slim, Augus Begay, Lydell Attakai, Samantha Begay, Gerald Begay, Khalid Honie, JR Yazzie, Brian Yazzie Stylist: Elena Lark Editors: David Labuguen, Joshua Chomik Colorist: Rob Bessette Photography: Abi Polinsky Photo Assistant: Lucas Brahme BTS Photography: Joshua Chomik + Tyler Chandler Director, Marketing (Elektra): Chelsea Danker Artist Team: Joshua Granados, Jake Posner instagram | @thisisarizonamusic twitter | @arizona A R I Z O N A is: Nathan Esquite, David Labuguen, and Zachary Charles. To learn more about Reelbros Media: Listen to our Podcast: Use our Affiliate Link when buying your next Kessler Crane Filmmaking Tool! Follow us at: Reelbros LLC 2023