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Just Burgan



"Confused on if he is a Director or Director of Photography, Justin prides himself on documenting stories that help emotionally connect brands to their consumers. Justin's work has been seen on platforms such as: ESPY's, Clif Bar, HGTV, Country Music Awards Festival, and more. Justin first picked up a camera at the ripe age of 14 and his obsession with capturing stories dates all the way back to his early childhood where some of his first memories were captured on VHS. It was in those early childhood moments that rooted a deep love and passion for storytelling that Justin would eventually grow into.  Justin now primarily works with professional athletes and curates original content while helping brands present a clear story. His soul craves and desires to tell a good story through the art of film-making. Although you can normally find Justin with some sort of camera in hand, it may be hard to catch him when he is not on set as he relentlessly pursues the next adventure that awaits him.

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