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Presenting the Delly Everyday - "Give Em' Some More" official music video, directed and filmed by Reelbros Media. The videos concept originated a few months back when we first began build our camera car rig. I thought it would be a great idea to chase the light rail in downtown Phoenix, with our subject sitting in the window. Now we just needed a subject and to put the finishing touches on our rig.

Testing the rig a few months prior, with the DJI Ronin we got some good smooth shots, but not perfect, we would need loosen up the cloud mount a small amount to reduce some jitter. Also for this particular shoot, we opted to use a Movi Pro gimbal as the camera head, this way we could sit in the comfort of the car with the Movi controller and operate. The rig was built out with a Sony A7s II with a Rokinon 85mm xeen cine lens one of our preferred packages. In hind sight, if we had more time I would've like to get some more passes with the train also using the 50mm Xeen to get a bit of a wider shot, but theres always next time. With the chase car ready and tested, we grabbed a quick dinner.

Later that night we prepped equipment for what would be a one night guerilla shoot, reviewing our story boards we envisions how the night would go. The plan was to shoot all the chase car content at the start of the night using the Movi Pro, then pause to break down the gimbal and build out another hand held rig. Then two of us would join Delly on the train again to shoot interior shots, It was going to be a game of cat and mouse with the security present at a handful of stops and on a random train cars, but would doesn't like a challenge.

One of my favorite aspects of story telling are the details you can incorporate to convey your idea. For this particular music video, I crafted the idea of having the train ticket act as the title card. A quick google search and I had an example of a Valley metro card dropped into illustrator so I could begin to reverse design a custom one off. I opted to incorporate Delly's logo as the backdrop while placing the title, and song date in spaces traditionally filled with numbers. A small 365 at the top represents the endeavor of dropping a new song everyday. It was a rather simple idea, that after printing out and cutting to size would add big value to the production, a nice little touch to the story.

As the night went on we began to capture our first chase shots, having a brief encounter with police just wondering what the thing hanging off the front of our car did, we were off running parallel with the light rail. That was until the driver of the train caught on to us and stopped in between of the two stations. We slowed to a halt, but he remained head strong and wouldn't budge until we had left the area. In classic Reelbros fashion we weren't going to give up, we had Delly just get on the next train and did it all over again, until we were spotted again. Everything was running smoothly as we transition to the train interior, only to be told at our first stop the train was being retired from the night. However just as we started to think of a solution and the chase car pulled in to pick us up, a train entered the station heading east. We ran back and through the doors just as they closed, cameras luckily still in hand. In a matter of minutes a shoot that looked like it was going to be pushed, was back on.

Around 1:00 AM we wrapped, after capturing our opening shots at one of the stations, which prior too we had a run in with a local druggie trying to fit us over the cameras. The team gave our celebratory high fives before making a quick stop for some food. The next day was dedicated to the edit, as we were looking to shoot, edit and release the video in no more then two days. Leave a comment below if you liked watching it, there will be many more in our near future.


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