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"Know Your Bro" - Alex Schreer

You know Reelbros Media for our exceptional work and unmatched equipment, but do you really know your Bros? Presenting the "Know Your Bro" Series, taking a brief look at each of the members of Reelbros Media team.

Introducing Founding Partner Alex Schreer,

With a background in product design and a lifelong explorer of creative mediums, Alex is a true solution seeker. Whether bringing physical or ideological based solutions to every project he is a part of, he uses his blending of design background with visual storytelling through a variety of mediums to create impactful and emotive forms of art. A former creative resident of the global creative agency 72andSunny’s Los Angeles office, he has crafted compelling commercial content and experiences for internationally recognized brands such as Starbucks and Adidas. He remains passionately curious while documenting his own story through the business of art for commerce.

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